My Perspective On Creating Abundance

As many of you, my Lightworker brothers and sisters, I also struggled financially and tried a lot of things to manifest abundance, now that I finally started(!) doing it successfully, I would like to share my process as it can help you too!

Let’s start from the beginning of things: First I would like to state that you have been, and we all have been programmed and manipulated by the Archons and the dark forces in a lot of ways to adapt a poverty consciousness. This is very important because if you understand the universal truth that mind is over matter or better said the everything starts on the higher planes and then manifests on the lower ones (physical), then you can see that for us to be enslaved in a state of poverty, first they had to project poverty consciousness into our minds.

My personal experience about this is very evident, even though I grew up in a normal middle-class family (we never had money issues), I was always afraid of being poor, my mind was full of images of asian and african poverty, even though in my life I had no reason to fear it or had no experience of it, it just appeared always in my mind. I always thought that it’s such a miracle that a working food distribution infrastructure can work, how? Now I know that this is part of the veil technology to always bombard me with poverty consciousness.

Fortunately the Resistance Movement through Cobra opened my eyes to the fact that this is a very unnatural, artificial slavery system and we have a right to exist without taking part in the slave work system. It is so deeply ingrained in us that we have to work something, have a job to have a right to exist, to be alive. No, we don’t have to! We have a right to exist unconditionally and of course we will work but from our inner urge to create, to develop things, from joy and not because we are enslaved to our jobs.

So NOW start deprogramming yourself, change your mindset and know that the Universe is full of abundance! There is enough space, food and love for everybody! The normal state in the liberated universe is abundance for everyone, because everyone manifests with their higher abundance consciousness from the higher planes abundance on the physical plane.
Decide now that you want to live an abundant and rich life!
Your 100% unconditional decision will start the process.

In the following picture you can see the manifestations and the tools of a successful abundance consciousness.

Since I adapted the abundance consciousness I also started doing these. Even though before I was never so organized, since then I always do to-do list, set goals and organize my stuff. This is important because you make your daily life, your goals very conscious. This helps because you have to maintain a focus on abundance and on the Victory of the Light, because the dark forces will try to make you disperse. You have to be clear about your goals and progress in every conscious moment towards it.

Now comes the process: The Law of Manifestation

The 3 main steps in manifesting anything -ANY-THING!- are:

1. CONSCIOUS UNCONDITIONAL DECISION (most important, as this is condition for the rest to follow !)

Everything gets prepared in the non-visible areas to manifest in the material world. This means that everything which shall manifest in the physical world, takes the steps from the higher realms to the lower ones, with boundaries merging into one another. For better understanding of this process the different layers are listed here:

1. Mental (thought)
2. Astral (soul)
3. Etheric (emotion)
4. Plasma (merging of etheric and physical)
5. Physical (body)

1. Ideas – Vision – Thought – Knowledge – Deeper Understanding – Inhabiting spiritual realms – Realization – Insight – Decision – Will – Readiness for Action on all levels: mental, astral etc. – (goes in direction of multidimensional ability : Telepathy/Access to “Universal Knowledge” = divine masculine aspect of creation)

2. Intuition, soulful participation with full presence, connecting with higher spiritual realms and beings, invocation for assistance of light beings belonging to the higher dimensions of divine light, surrender to the divine, allowing the divine to manifest through you (goes in direction of multidimensional ability : Astral projection/Astral travel = divine feminine aspect of creation)

3. Feel, taste, hear, see, breathe in the new creation, all that will manifest, be in it as if it was real already, with all your being, with all your abilities to inhabit it with your complete emotional body (goes in direction of multidimensional ability : Teleportation)

4. The same like in 3., even more physical: Think at those times in your childhood, when you wanted to make the curtain move with your pure will (goes in direction of multidimensional ability: Telekinesis)

5. Physical action: For example: Do your meditation, do your Yoga, eat healthy food, contact a person, create a website, write an e-mail, talk to people, print some flyers, look at people’s eyes and smile, give a workshop, make an important visit to another starseed,

So basically the first step: you make a conscious 100% decision that you want to reach a certain goal. Be very clear about it!

Then comes invocation, which means asking the Lightforces, angels, your Higher self etc. to help you manifest that goal.

Finally you do everything that you can right now (!) to progress towards manifesting your goal.
If you keep repeating this, you will definitely have success! Just be persistent and don’t give up whatever happens, because the dark forces may interfere and delay your progress, but Free will is the primordial law in the Universe, so if you persist, you will get there.

Invoking the help of Saint Germain and using the Violet Flame can exceptionally help you in manifesting abundance, because he is very involved in this


As we all know, until this planet is liberated, we still need to be connected to the world of money. There are some opportunities and if you feel attracted to them, I recommend checking out some spiritual, or other types of centers, intentional communities etc where you work 4-5 hours a day in exchange for food and accommodation. For some people it can be quite perfect. (I lived 1-2 months in 3 of these communities, it was quite good)

However a lot of you have the same problem I had. Okay I want to start manifesting abundance, I am dedicated, I want to do a job that satisfies me, is not a slave job but also helps somehow in the Liberation of the planet. I want to do my mission!

But somehow the inspiration what to do is not coming. Cobra said that the Archons as master manipulators did a lot of effort to make us not realize our mission and purpose, and our everyday job is part of that.
So what I did, and what you have to do is to make a very conscious, very thorough and very deep examination and reflection on a soul level about what is your purpose, what is the perfect job you should be doing. Use the Law of manifestation to manifest a realization about what is the perfect job for you. Invoke the presence of Goddesses and Ascended masters. Look around your life for possibilities. In your deepest moments when you meditate, concentrate on this. If you search inside long enough, you WILL find it!!!!!


Victory Of The Light!


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