Open Your Eyes To The Mass Media

The Mass Media is one of the most powerful tool in the hands of the dark forces, through which they program the masses, form their ideologies, make them dumb and unconsciously control them.
Especially in the west and in the USA where the cabal control is the strongest, the mass media is extremely dominant.


What I mean by this is that the general population is being constantly bombarded with negative thought forms, stressful events, stupidities (which of course after a while seem normal and people adapt them) and lies. So many lies. Of course the mass media is only the tool, but unfortunately until the Event, when the planet is liberated, it is still in the hands of the dark forces, who will just use it to create as much chaos, suffering and hysteria as possible.

One very important thing that I realized (especially as a non-westerner as I traveled to different countries ) which I want to highlight for people who live in the western world is that western media is extremely self-focused and instead of giving a fair accurate balanced view about the world, they emphasize 99%-ly the western world, thus not giving almost any useful information about the other parts of the world (with a good reason, because they are not so cabal-controlled and they don’t want you to have knowledge about the changes happening in the east for example) and thus giving the idea that nothing important, significant can be found outside the western world. As we know from the intel of the Resistance Movement by Cobra, a huge deal of stuff is going on behind the scenes but also publicly in Asia and Russia, done by the Lightforces. The BRICS countries help preparing the countries for the financial reset and the mainly Russian forces are successfully eliminating the Daesh (Islamic Terrorist State) in Syria.
So please try to see the world from the highest perspective, which is a united planet without borders, which it will become after the Event.


Another thing I would like to address is the media options we consume like movies, songs, series, books etc.
The earlier said things are also valid here, I could find so many beautiful, inspiring, soul elevating content from alternative, less known sources from Asia and other parts of the world. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t know anything else but the mass distributed and mass advertised horrific music and movie industry of the cabal, while my advice is to search for contents that are more aligned with your Soul.
A concrete example of this is the IMDb website that most of the people use to find information about movies and series. I have used this website for a lot of years now and for a few months now I noticed that on the main page, there’s always a zombie, horror or war-like movie being advertised. Also just think about the following facts: more or less (but actually quite frankly) the 3 most popular TV series in the west (especially in the USA) are Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and American Horror Story………………

All three of them are extremely dark series, full of darkness, suffering and horror. Feeding this to the youth of the world is (in my opinion) one of the last attempts of the dark forces to keep the masses in a low vibrational,  depressive, dark state of consciousness, not being able to awaken to the coming changes, to the ever-growing Light coming from the Galactic Central Sun and not being able to feel inside the Truth.

So I would like to ask you to please connect very deeply again with your innocent inner center, your Soul and do and watch and listen to only high vibrational, loving content, that is full of Light and what helps you align with your Higher Self.
Because soon the Ocean of Love coming from the Pleroma will overflow your whole existence!




Victory Of The Light!


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