My Funny Prophetic Dream About The Event

So I remember that earlier I already had two very profound prophetic dreams about the day of the Event, when the sky lit up and I felt the Light energies from the Galactic Central Sun breaking through the Quarantine and the Light forces appeared etc.
It was very very deep and felt so true and I am certain about its source (benevolent awakening dream).
However, both of those dreams depicted the energetic aspect of the Event, while last night I dreamed about the financial aspect of it.

So my dream started with me and my father going to an American casino city (I don’t know which one) and we checked in a hotel. I knew that any day now the Event operation can start and I was some sort of a Resistance Movement agent, with a mission and responsibility to take down the rich Cabal members in that city if the Event happened, so that they could not cause some crazy mass destruction in the last minute.

It is interesting to note that I wasn’t fully aware of my mission until the Event operation started that night, only after the operation started I got a realization about what is exactly what I have to do. This hints to what Cobra said that on the day of the Event Lightworkers will receive guidance from the Light forces about what to do, but it will manifest as “intuition” or “our inner voice”.

So, night came and I just knew that the Event operation is on! The physical evidence of it was the fact that ATM’s and casinos and bank accounts stopped working and in a casino city that means quite a shock. With that a mass hysteria started within the population but it wasn’t violent just rather a shock and a sudden feeling of insecurity.  I quickly hired a car to reach a giant luxury yacht, which was the personal yacht of Lady Gaga (yes, I know XD hilarious…). I saw her looking at herself in a mirror, crying and also preparing for vengeance. She knew that things were over for the Cabal and she couldn’t accept it so she took a gun and ordered someone to drive the yacht into a highly populated building which was located exactly near the sea. So basically her plan was to kill as many people as possible with this yacht attack.{0.148.1440.608}
I climbed into the highest level of the yacht and started to fight against Gaga. She tried to shoot me but she accidentally shot a hole on the floor and the yacht started sinking and also a shark appeared. (I know….XD). She somehow got to a very dangerous part of the yacht, where the shark was very close to her and because the yacht attack was already prevented I tried to help her out to arrest her but she only wanted to cause havoc, she started shooting even the personnel and in the end perished with the sinking yacht of the Cabal (that symbolism XD).

So my next target was a male Cabal member living on the top of a giant skyscraper and I needed a small jet to reach him because he blocked the elevators etc. So we flew close to the skyscraper but he or the Cabal somehow hacked the system of the jet and we crashed into the building barely staying alive. I remember that there was fire and my clothes were torn, I needed to change. Even though there was chaos and fire in the building I knew I needed to reach somehow the top and stop the target. This part is really vague, I only remember that I reached the Cabal member and he triggered a mechanism to blow up the building again in order to cause as much havoc as possible.
So I escaped in the very last minute and then all went blank. I woke up next morning on the asphalt of the street and started walking back to the hotel I checked in earlier, seeing that all the shops had to close because of the Reset.

And that’s it!

In closing I just want to say that I was extremely happy and energized when I woke up from this dream, I can feel as anyone can feel when a dream is something more.

I hope you had fun reading this dream.


Victory Of The Light!


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