I would like to put into perspective something in this post, regarding thankfulness in the current situation of Planet Earth before the Event.

A lot of people from the surface population complain about how hard their life is, how awful the pressure around them is, how much scalar and energetic attack they receive, how long it takes to liberate the planet. Well, I would say this is all true, we have discomforts in our lives and especially after learning about how peaceful and lovely the existence is outside this Quarantine Earth, a lot of people feel that this current existence is so terrible and unbearable.

Now let me express my opinion about this topic:

First of all you have to realize that in the current state of this planet, 70% of the human population is living in extreme poverty, without fair rights, in constant shock and uncertainty about basic needs, without proper water supply and mostly working in inhuman conditions, truly as a slave. I am talking about the poor masses of Africa, Asia and of course North Korea. Compared to them, you live a heavenly, peaceful and fairly free life. Be grateful for this!

Second of all as we could read from the latest Cobra post, in the recent years a huge amount of kids were kidnapped and taken underground into some Illuminati bases in order to be working slaves or sex slaves. Apart from this they kidnapped and abused a lot of children on the surface of the planet. Apart from that they keep human slaves on the ships of their Secret Space Programs. Look at Syria. MK Ultra. And a lot more stuff we don’t even know.

So if you are not a victim of any of the above mentioned, you are TRULY fortunate and I have to tell you that I feel that you or we (because thank the Goddess I didn’t experience in this lifetime such terrible things) have nothing to complain about, we don’t have the RIGHT to do it, when so many millions have much worse fate.

Finally: you have Free Will, you can choose, you are informed about the Manifestation Process! You don’t need to lead a life you hate, you can change. You can leave the old things and start anew.
Of course before the Event we still have obstacles and sometimes things take time but still…
even in the current state of this planet….
you CAN utilize your Free Will to make a deep 100% unconditional decision about your life, then persevere and fight until it comes true! You can still have a huge amount of wonderful experiences before the Event. Be in the NOW!

If you want a break, you can take a gap year, go travel, meet new people, make a drastic change and start walking on the Path of your Dream!

I am telling you all this because this is what works for me: traveling! Sometimes I felt that I needed to get away from everything and in the end I got just more immersed in my mission as a Lightworker.
Don’t wait for the changes, don’t wait for the Event, start doing what you truly want          Now!

And be thankful for what you have!

Victory Of The Light!



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