Classical Music

I have always liked classical music as I love any music that raises one’s vibrations and also because classical music is especially refined, at least compared to today’s music.

However I never really listened to classical music for more than a few minutes occasionally and I discovered only just recently how balancing and healing can it be!

This all happened when I discovered the music of a classical music composer called
Jean-Baptiste Lully. I find a lot of his songs marvelous. Check it out!

What I discovered is that it’s highly effective if I start my day, right after waking up listening to his music for approximately half an hour, it completely changes my mood and vibes. 🙂

Here I will share two of my most favorite songs from him and a compilation of his best songs:

C’est lui dont les dieux ont fait choix

Liberté Liberté

Best Of Jean Baptiste Lully


Victory Of The Light!


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