Galactic Love Party

There are two wonderful beings called Inana and Jacqueline who meet on the Cobra Ascension Conference in Budapest (what I also attended) and since then, they are organizing these amazing Galactic Love Party Workshops to spread the Light!

I will share some lovely description from their blog :

They plan to organize these workshops all over Europe! Yaaay! Join them!

So here is a little introduction from their blog 🙂

Change is in the air…

The people who are awake on this planet see it and feel it these days. Change is in the air. For many millennia this pulse, coming from the Sun like a heartbeat, has been extensively debated. It is coming. It is coming now and all the way from the Galactic Central Sun. Soon we are going to be engulfed by this gigantic Galactic Wave of Love. The Event is on its way. You know it just like we do.


It is time for miracles

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This Galactic Wave of Love will lift us up spiritually and increase our vibration. We will become totally different individuals in just a short moment in time. The time for love, compassion and happiness for all on this planet will finally arrive. It will be a time when miracles start to happen. Light Workers and Light Warriors everywhere have been working hard, for many millennia, to help Gaia and humanity prepare for this event. We have come a long way AND we still have a short but crucial way to go. As Cobra put it:

The re-emergence of the ancient Sisterhood of the Rose is an important step to help stabilise the Goddess presence on Earth.

Sisterhood of the Rose

The Sisterhood of the Rose is an association dating back to the times of Atlantis. Wise and loving Angelic beings found their fulfilment in channelling the Goddess energy to the planet. Throughout the ages, and with ups and downs, these practices have been continued. Where a Sisterhood of the Rose circle is active, the environment flourishes. The Sisterhood of the Rose circles also include men and women. The basis for a Sisterhood of the Rose circle is a group of women who have a deep connection with each other and can create an energetically balanced space in which energy flows harmoniously.


The activities of the Sisterhood of the Rose are based on the principle of Service-to-Others. The more you give yourself selflessly to the Cosmic Kundalini, the more fulfilling the Divine can work through you. They meet to purposefully build each other up and strengthen one another. The more this happens, the more beautiful it gets. When we serve selflessly for the common good more Divine energy can flow into and through us. It is as if the Universe says: “Oh wait there is more to it. It is worth spending energy selflessly!” By selfless service is not meant self-sacrifice. Selfless service means having a higher purpose, a higher intention, beyond the satisfaction of material needs.



Within most of us there is a deep longing to be part of a loving and nurturing community. At the same time this is difficult for many to attain. Some have given up trying to fit in somewhere. This is really sad, isn’t it? The solution is, nevertheless, quite simple: give more and receive more. To be a bit more specific in this case: give more love and receive more love. And this is what Connect2life is about. As Light Workers each of us adds a gem, a crystal or a pearl to the bigger plan. Our pearl is called Galactic Love Party. At the party we hope to inspire and encourage everyone to love each other. This will help weave a web of love around Earth that clears our hearts and melts away all negative energy. What do we really need? All we need is love! Please join us.


Galactic Love Party


20180403_Pearls of Love

The chaos in the world is increasing and our craving for more Love and Light on Gaia is intensifying. For the Galactic Wave of Love to come in and take root we are tasked to create an environment where this can manifest. Long ago YOU came down to Gaia to play your part in the transformation. The time of transformation is NOW.

We have created this workshop we call Galactic Love Party to connect you to your Goddess (or God) power in support of your MISSION to bring more Love and Light to this planet.

At the end of April we kicked off in Berlin and we had a magical time together. We continue with our Galactic Love Party and you are very welcome to join us!

Victory of the Light!

Much love from Inana and Jacqueline



We are bringing LOVE into power to CRACK The Matrix

In circles of spiritual expansion more and more people are talking about a solar flash coming from the Galactic Central Sun. Every 13.000 years our Central Sun emits a high vibration energy pulse into the Galaxy like a heartbeat. This pulse is full of love energy and we are at a time that we can expect it again …

To support anchoring this love energy on Earth groups around the planet meet regularly and meditate together.

Our upcoming workshops are aimed at women and men who want to work or want to establish meditation groups. We provide various tools and methods to connect people with themselves and others and create a harmonious unity in which everyone has her or his own place.

It is about finding the connection to your true being, opening up and surrendering together to the cosmic primordial energy. The tools and methods shared here during this 2-day workshop may be applied and disseminated by you freely.


20180523_Blog 1_Picture 1.jpg



Day 1            10:00 – 13:30 – Return of Love

  • Angel Revival Dance
  • Goddess Contact Meditation
  • Shakti Kundalini Dance
  • Exit From The Matrix

13:30 – 15:30 Lunch break

Day 1            15:30 – 19:00 – Activation of Goddess Energy

  • Tiger’s Play
  • Angel Embrace
  • Goodnight Weighing Dance
  • Grid Of Love Activation


Day 2            10:00 – 13:30 – Bring Love to Power

  • Energetic Clearing
  • Mystery Of Silence
  • Initiation Into High Love
  • Goddess Spiral

13:30 – 15:30 Lunch break

Day 2            15:30 – 19:00 – Galactic Love Initiation

  • Sisterhood Of The Rose
  • Goddess Dance
  • Preparation Of The Holy Grail
  • Galactic Love Activation


Gift it forward

We believe a mayor change of all global systems is required, especially the financial system. We also believe it is coming soon. The financial system is going to be an obsolete system. Somewhere in the future we will not need money.

Everything we do is expressed in ‘amounts of money’. However money limits the flow abundance and we would actually like to see the system change right NOW! Money is either printed paper or numbers on a server; it holds no value in itself. Although we are all still captives of this system, we would like to provoke a change….

We do not ask you any money for our workshop. There has been someone before you who paid for your attendance at this workshop. In case you like the workshop and believe others will value it too, we hope you will make a donation suitable to your budget to enable others to attend. You may gift through PayPal or support this initiative in any other way that would be appropriate. Thank you very much.


We are looking forward to magical beautiful gatherings!

​Pearls of Love for you!

Victory Of The Light!


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