Music And 432hz


Real music is something that touches your Soul, raises your Vibrations and brings you back into a balanced state of Wonder, Joy, Oneness, Light and Love.

It’s very important to get far away from the Cabal controlled mainstream media and mainstream music which is primitive, destructive and meant to control you by triggering your unconsciousness. This is how they control and shape the thinking patterns of the masses. Free yourself!

Listen to songs that resonate with you, that make you compassionate and calm and that help you discover your inner Dimensions of Love.

I have created a youtube channel where I uploaded the songs that are the most Beautiful in the whole world in my opinion:

Healing Music Of The Light

These songs had a huge role in my spiritual Path, they help me constantly to anchor the Light, to Balance myself and to do my Mission.


I chose with great care the images of these songs, that represent their Energy. Each of these songs is tuned to the Healing 432hz and has a High Sound Quality (320kbps).

In the following link you can read about the 432hz frequency and how you can convert your music into 432hz (in a nutshell most of today’s music is tuned to 440hz which in general creates harsh frequencies, good for martial purposes, while the 432hz is in tune with Nature, it is based on Sacred Geometry and creates Harmonic frequencies in your energetic bodies.) :

432hz is just on of the healing frequencies that you can use, but it’s quite good!

The description of the songs are also manifested experiences of what you can experience, when you deeply become one with songs.

Here I publish some of them.

The Mystic’s Dream
Enter into the Mystical world of the dancing Eternity, where the Cosmic elements and Spherical waves become One with your Essence and you taste the moment of Oneness with everything, this is the realm of your innermost Dreams, this is where your Wishes are sparkling Stars, where all exist for the Love of you.
Heal Your Heart
Take a step back into the realm of your Heart, where the Goddess resides and as you connect with her, the Healing energies of her Love overflows your whole Existence.


Paradise Awaits You

Great Compassion Mantra



Love Signal

Victory Of The Light!

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