About Me

I am that I am: One

My name is Helos. Since my Awakening experience a Light has appeared in me or I would say that since then I could consciously perceive it. This has helped me to see the truth in the chaos of our current world, to keep my inner center in balance and to experience my existence completely differently: as a Light being.

I am not trying to give the impression or convince anyone that I am someone particularly special, an insider or anything of that sort. I just feel that I need to express the Truth that I realized and share what I feel guided to by the Source. And in this blog I will do that.

Since my childhood I was extremely interested in spirituality, magic, reincarnation, extraterrestrials and inner dimensions. I wanted to find out the meaning, the reason and the origin of this human existence so I read a lot of books, did a lot of energetic healing practices, meditations that helped me profoundly to liberate myself from a lot of traumas, emotional suppression and basically made me a much freer man. I also tried many spiritual traditions but it was clear that I didn’t find the true one. Then, after an extremely hard period of my life I decided that I had enough. Some kind of inner overwhelming and intense resistance took over my life. I wanted to be free, I wanted to do what I like, I wanted to make my dreams come true and this inner resistance gave me the power to fight. I transformed my life completely, I was so determined that nothing could stop me, I wanted to start anew. That was the first time that I realized that if you make an absolute and total 100% decision about something and you hold on, you will be successful. You can make your dreams come true. After detoxifying my physical body, meditating regularly and healing my soul as much as I could, my vibrational frequency increased so much that at a point I had an energetic breakthrough: my Awakening experience.

I remember it as my awakening because it was truly a turning point, a breakthrough that changed forever my perception of the reality, but now I know that this is a gradual process, what I experienced was just a very tiny fraction of what is coming and my 100% Awakening, your awakening and the awakening of humanity too, will only happen at the moment of the Event, the Breakthrough and the Victory of the Light! (http://prepareforchange.net/the-event/)

I received this information from Cobra: 2012portal.blogspot.com .
Due to my inner connection with the Light, I have an inner certainty and I know deep down, I KNOW that what he says is True!
Please read Cobra’s blog from the beginning and you will understand the true reality of this Existence we have on this planet.
Be brave, persistent and remember what you came here for! You are here to make the final change! To bring the final Victory of the Light!

Victory Of The Light!